New Stated Income Commercial Loan Program

Stated Income Programs for Commercial property mortgage loans allow our borrowers to avoid the additional paperwork associated with verified income loan programs.Fast approval process and great terms make our stated income commercial loans one of our most popular programs.

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Stated Commercial Property Loan Overview:

[pricing price=”” currency=”” title=”Stated Income Highlights” desc=”Commercial Property Loans” moretext=”More” url=”/commercial-loans]
[feature]No Income Verification[/feature]
[feature]Individuals, DBA, Corporation, LLC, Trusts[/feature]
[feature]All Commercial Properties[/feature]
[feature]Commercial Construction[/feature]
[feature]Land Loans[/feature]
[feature]No 4506T Required[/feature]
[feature]Blanket Loans[/feature]
[feature]No Seasoning on Employment[/feature]
[feature]Equity Gifts[/feature]
[feature]Purchase and Refinance[/feature]
[feature]90% CLTV[/feature]
[feature]Appartment Building Loans = 85% LTV[/feature]
[pricing price=”” currency=”” title=”Stated Income” desc=”Small Commercial” moretext=”More” url=”/commercial-loans] [feature]5+ Units & Mixed-use = 70% LTV[/feature] [feature]Loan Amounts to $5,000,000[/feature] [feature]Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out[/feature] [feature]Debt Service Ratio < 1.20[/feature] [feature]3, 5, 10 year fixed rate[/feature] [feature]30 year amortized[/feature] [feature]FICO 650[/feature] [feature]Automotive Services = 65% LTV[/feature] [feature]Land Purchase Loans = 50% LTV[/feature][feature]Construction Loans = 95% LTC[/feature][feature]Office Building Loans = 65% LTV[/feature][feature]Retail Property Loans = 65% LTV[/feature][/pricing]

[learn_more caption=”Learn More”] Stated income commercial loans are available for many of our programs and can be utilized by borrowers who do not qualify for traditional or conventional portfolio loan programs or borrowers who have been declined by other lenders. Top reasons for acquiring a stated loan include:

Why Stated Commercial Loans are Ideal

Stated income commercial loans have underwriting guidelines that are more tolerant of risk. Therefore, you are able to avoid the many restriction that are associated with conventional portfolio commercial lending. Custom Morgage is able to approve and fund commercial loans transactions that may have been declined elsewhere.

Stated Income Loans for Multifamily and Commercial Income Properties

[pricing_table] [pricing price=”” currency=”” title=”Stated Income Loans” desc=”Multi-Family Properties” moretext=”More” url=”/commercial-loans][feature]1 – 4 Units Investor – Nationwide[/feature] [feature]Loan Amounts to $50,000,000[/feature] [feature]Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out[/feature][feature]Debt Service Ratio Min 1.20[/feature][feature]3, 5, 10 year fixed rate[/feature] [feature]30 year amortized[/feature][feature]FICO 650[/feature][feature]70% LTV[/feature][/pricing]

*** Adjustments – WSJ Prime + 4% – 2% yearly max – 6% life cap over start rate

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