Commercial Hard Money Financing

General lending Parameters:

  1. Loans from $15,000 to $25,000,000*
  2. 17-yr. term; 2 yrs. interest only, converting to 15-yr. full amo. in yr. 3*
  3. “Start rates”: Yrs .1-2: From 9.99%;  Yrs.2/3-17: 11.99-15%*
  4. No prepay penalty nor balloon
  5. LTV: 80-85% of purchase price for new borrowers; not to exceed 65-70% of ARV, with acceptable credit. Limits to rise, with good borrowing experience. No repair money.*
  6. Borrower requirements: Tri-merge credit report with first loan (or we can run it) and copy of contract (if purchase). No credit pulls thereafter. No assets, no income, no first-born!
  7.  Below mid 600’s, possible adjustment on rate and/or LTV.*
  8. All types of residential or residential income real estate, incl. condos, townhomes. 
  9. All types of Commercial or Commercial income real estate. 
  10. We make non-recourse loans to self-directed IRAs!!!
  11. We do Transaction Funding. We provide FREE Proof of Funds letters.