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Short Sales

  Short Sale Assistance by short sale expertsShort sales are excellent ways to avoid foreclosure. In a short sale, the homeowner makes an agreement with the mortgage lender. The mortgage lender agrees to sell a property at a price that is less than the amount a homeowner owes on the property. Typically, the lender agrees to forgive the rest of the loan.

What Exactly Are Short Sales?

Short sales, also known as per-foreclosure sales are options used by some homeowners when credit unions, banks or other credit lenders that they have borrowed from provides them with the option of selling their property to a third party (lender). The property is sold at a price that is much lower than the amount that the home owner owes the mortgage company.

Short sales are of two types: deficiency judgment and payment in full pursuit of deficiency judgment.

In deficiency judgment, the homeowner is held liable to pay the mortgage difference left after a short sale. It’s important to note that the deficiency judgment information is left in the homeowner’s credit report until the mortgage balance is cleared. A short sale of this nature usually takes a long time to pay off.

In the payment in full pursuit of deficiency judgment, the homeowner does not need to worry about the amount of balance left after the property has been sold. This means that once the property is sold, the homeowner is free of mortgage debts.

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call us at (877) 976-5669

call us at (877) 976-5669

Short Sale InvestorsWhat Are The Benefits Of Short Sales?

There are many benefits of considering a short sale.

Short Sale Help from Short Sale ProfessionalsWhat Types Of Homeowners Qualify For Short Sales?


If you are a homeowner and you have hit hard times thus you can no longer repay your mortgage, the best way out is to use short sales.

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