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Commercial Property Financing| Rates starting at 4.25%

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In the United States, commercial property financing is the function of supplying loans to businesses. Commercial property financing is extended to qualified borrowers and properties. Custom Mortgage offers commercial property loans and the loans have to be secured by business owned real estate.  Commercial property loans rates range between 3-8% and have terms that ranges between 10-30 years with a fixed rate terms ranging between 5-30 years.

Assets used to collateralize commercial loans include: 

– Real Estate 
– Receivables from bills 
– Equipment or supplies 

With our new SBA program, you can do all your commercial mortgage shopping with us and find great financing options that fit the needs of your borrowers.

– Loan amounts up to $50 million
– Up to 90% financing available
– Terms up to 25 years, depending on use of funds and repayment ability
– Very competitive adjustable and fixed rates
– Funding available for owner-occupied commercial real estate


– Interest Rate: 3.25% – 7.5% for Multifamily property types
– Amortization: Up to 30 Years
– Eligible Property Types: 15+unit – multifamily property
– Income: No Personal or Business Tax Returns Required
– LTV: Up to 80%
– Recourse: Non-Recourse
– Borrower: All loans are required to close in the name of a Single Purpose LLC
– Foreign National: Borrower must have a checking account in a US based Bank

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Purchase or Refi

  • MAX LTV 80%
  • MIN Loan amount 100k
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  • MAX LTV 80%
  • MAX LTC 90%
  • MIN Loan amount 100k
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  • MAX LTC 90%
  • MIN Experience 5 projects
  • MIN Loan Amount 100k
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Commercial Property Financing Overview:

If you are looking for expansion of your business, or the cost of renting business premises has become too high, you can consider applying for commercial loans.

Ultimately, the choice of fixed or variable rates will depend on the free cash flow your business generates once you have paid all of your expenses, including any previous commercial loan payments.

If the real estate increases in value, your capital will be increased and commercial mortgage interest will be tax deductible.  Borrowers can borrower the down payment for a commercial property from investors who base the financing on the company’s shareholding dividends or income.  If your company is not regularly certified by one of the larger CPA companies, you can opt for a loan with a slightly higher interest rate and no income verification. 

You are at a disadvantage if you are looking for financing small businesses for a retail, service or hospitality company, especially if you are looking for funding to start up a business.  If you do not have a credit history or collateral due to divorce or are a new immigrant or because you are young, or because you have poor creditworthiness, Custom Mortgage hard money programs and sub prime Commercial property mortgages are available.

Despite the guarantees provided, most programs will also require a General Security Agreement (GSA) on ownership and all corporate assets. If you want a commercial real estate mortgage but have not been in business for long, niche programs we offer can be your best bet, because these programs are often available for shorter trading periods and have lower Debt Service requirements (1 DSCR). 

Custom Mortgage will look more closely at your previous experience in investing in commercial real estate, when underwriting your commercial property financing application.  Our hard money-based commercial property financing options are considered short-term loans that are used for the purchase and sometimes renovation of a commercial real estate used by the owner for refinancing to a long-term mortgage.

During our underwriting process for commercial property financing, Custom Mortgage requires you to submit regular financial reports in good time.  After sending us all the documents and understanding what you want, we will search for the best program that you may qualify for with your credit on commercial real estate with favorable terms at competitive interest rates.

In most cases, even if you provide a brief summary, you must have a complete business plan in place as soon as we request it.  If you are thinking of refinancing commercial credit, you can simply take care of lowering your interest rates.

Have you been looking for financing opportunities for your new business plans, are you looking for a loan to expand your existing business, are you in a precarious situation with unpaid invoices and are you not sure where or where to turn?

While qualifying for financing is usually easier for a big, well-established businesses, some smaller businesses may be eligible for commercial financing from the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA may provide either financing or insure a lender who takes a risk on a business to supply fund.  Businesses can seek the assistance of Custom Mortgage in structuring and sourcing of commercial fund. We provide the following types of loans

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