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Fix And Flip Purchase And Rehab Loans

flix-flip Loans

If you are about to purchase a house or property that you have planned to rehab and resell, going for a fix and flip rehab loan is the right choice unless you have a strong backup of good cash savings. Fix and flip rehab financing offer exclusive real estate opportunities that people are looking for rehab and sell it in a short duration (generally within 6 to 9 months of purchase).

Custom Mortgage offers fix and flip rehab loans and other rehab financing solutions with a wide experience in the financing industry. The enterprise has a proven track record in delivering competitive rates, quick approval and funding, hard money rehab loans, fha rehab loan, hard money fix, and flip loans and a lot more. We deal with the trusted and experienced lenders and customers faith in our business is a clear reason why people rely on our financing solutions.

Understanding fix and flip loans

Fix and flip and rehab loans are a form of investment loan programs for real estate investors. Under this program, the investors buy a distressed property or fixer upper so as to fix the existing damages and giving it a great look than before. The prime motive of investors is to either sell or rent the property under few conditions-
• Reducing the renovation expenses
• Increasing the market value of the property
• Retain property for minimum possible time
Investors in the local real estate market respond instantly as compared to other cases, and this is where Custom Mortgage makes an entry. If we consider fix and flip, cash and speed is the necessity, and investors require resources for the planning execution and offer attractive deals for quick sales. And for all this financing lifecycle, hard money fix and flip loans are the ones that fit the best.
So, if you are an investor who wishes to buy properties and needs cash or hard money rehab loans, Custom Mortgage hard money rehab loan programs are a worthy try for you. Our comprehensive range of loans offer almost 85% of the project’s total cost and have no prepays; this enables you to sell the property at a super-fast pace while experiencing notable results.

Apartment Loans

  • MAX LTV 80%
  • MIN Loan amount 100k
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Fix and Flip Most Popular!

  • MAX LTV 80%
  • MAX LTC 90%
  • MIN Loan amount 100k
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Small Balance

  • MAX CLTV 90%
  • Mixed Use Commercial
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • MIN Loan Amount 100k
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Other Multifamily Loan Programs

HUD FHA 223 (f)

  • Multifamily Properties
  • Up to 83%
  • 35 YR Amortized
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Student Housing Most Popular!

  • Purchase / Refi
  • MAX CLTV 95%
  • Consruction
  • MIN Loan amount 1 Million
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Stated Income

  • MAX LTV 80%
  • All Property Types
  • Purchase/refi/Construction
  • MIN Loan Amount 500k
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How to qualify for short term fix and flip loans

The fix and flip rehab financing lenders and other private money lenders expect strong investors with whom they can have a smooth financing workflow. So, here are the basic qualification requirements:

  • Up to 90% financing on the property purchase

  • 100% rehab cost financing

  • Closing within 2 to 4 weeks

  • No requirements of Tax returns/income verification

  • No asset verification

  • No pre-payment penalty

  • GAP financing and 2nd position liens allowed